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Premium West Jordan Pest Control Services

Holmes Lawn and Pest strives to provide the best West Jordan pest control services available. Our team of professionals have been helping customers protect their property from bugs and other pests for over 12 years now with outstanding customer service reviews. We offer 100% customer satisfaction or we will come back and perform the service again, free of charge!

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Kristi Oritt
Kristi Oritt
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Our agent recommended Holmes for our lawn and pest care needs when we purchased our home recently. All of our experience has been great - from communication with the office, sprinkler maintenance, and lawn/pest care service. Jacob takes the time on each visit to assess the condition of the lawn, make recommendations, and take care of all the necessary applications.
BJ Rousey
BJ Rousey
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I have used Holmes Lawn & Pest for a few years now. I absolutely love the communication and the knowledge they share. They take pride in my yard as if it was theirs. They share information with me about how I can improve on the yard care and even share specials with me via text. The ease of doing business with them makes it such a tremendous time saver for me as well. I also appreciate Travis creating the online videos to help with questions we may have. They have been very valuable. I would recommend them to everyone that asks.
Taylor Price
Taylor Price
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These guys are great! Joey did a terrific job on my yard! He was very professional and thorough, he answered all my questions, and assured me if I needed anything else he would be there to help!

Quality West Jordan Pest Control

Holmes Lawn & Pest offers the best quality West Jordan pest control services, guaranteed to get rid of pesky bugs without leaving behind any dangerous chemicals. No one likes having pests in their home or yard, but with our help, you won’t have to worry about that anymore! Our team of pest control experts can take care of any infestation quickly and efficiently. We make sure to only use licensed equipment with certified safe chemicals so you’ll never see another pesky critter coming back soon. Thanks to proficient training our team of experts will be able to handle any situation that comes up.

Training includes 

  • How to Identify the different types of pests in Utah
  • Which treatments are effective for which pests
  • Which strategies are most effective for different situations
  • Tested and proven safe protective barrier application methods

Common Pests In The West Jordan Area

Lawn pests in West Jordan can be invasive and challenging to remove yourself, especially when you have a large yard to maintain. That’s why our team is prepared to face any type of infestation that comes your way! We have professional West Jordan pest control technicians waiting to take care of any size pest problem you may have – some common types seen around here include:

what does a huntsman spider look like


While many kinds of spiders you possibly might see in your yard are relatively harmless, there are venomous species that can cause serious bodily harm. Black widows and brown recluses both have venomous bites that if not treated quickly can cause paralysis or even death!

Holmes Utah Hornets Pest Control


When you spot a nest of hornets on your property, it’s important to contact an expert as soon as possible. The large stingers these insects have will deliver multiple stings in rapid succession and cause painful welts that last for many days!

Holmes Wasp Pest Control 1 1


Wasps are pesky creatures that enjoy finding sweet treats in your backyard. They’re smaller than hornets, but still pack a powerful stinger! These insects live near garbage cans and can ruin any gathering or even something as simple as just sitting in your yard by yourself if you don’t keep an eye on them.

Holmes Utah Carpenter Ant Pest Control


 If you’re looking for an ant control solution, our team of West Jordan pest control specialists excel in removing all types of Utah’s pesky insects. The Three most common types of ants in Utah are Carpenter ants (most commonly found in homes), Harvester ants (have stingers and mandibles ready for attack if needed) and pavement ants, which enjoy making homes out on sidewalk gaps or driveway cracks.

Holmes Utah Boxelder Bug Pest Control

Boxelder Bugs

The Utah homeowner needs to be aware of these bugs that often gather in large groups on the sunny side and can cause stains all over furniture. They also attack leaves from seed-bearing trees by chewing out holes, which allow fungal growths access and destruction so don’t wait until your home or yard has been ruined!

Keep Your Lawn Green And Strong

We all know how important it is to find a West Jordan pest control and lawn care service that not only provides quality work at competitive prices but also cares about your property and satisfaction as much as you do. 

Healthy yards and gardens are your best defense against pests. Our West Jordan lawn fertilization and weed control service will make sure to keep your yard fed with nutrients so you can enjoy a healthy turf! Our professionals work hard at providing high-quality services at competitive and affordable rates.


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What services are you interested in?


What services are you interested in?