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Lawn Grub Test

Hey guys, let’s continue to talk about grubs. I’m here to the lawn here in Salt Lake. We’re looking at some spots throughout the yard to decipher if they’re grubs. So what happened is the customer told me they go to grab the grass, and it pulls up really easily. So they think it’s grubs, which is what everybody is taught, which is great. But let me show you the difference between pulling it up and it’s just dry grass compared to grubs. So let me flip this around.

So if you go to this spot and you pull up a handful, you see how this just kind of peels up. If you’ll notice it’s just the blades of grass. What you’re looking for is for it to peel up more like carpet. So you want to grab this grass and see how I’m trying to peel this back with my hand. I can hear it tearing and it takes quite a bit of effort. That’s a really good indication that it’s not grubs. So what I’m going to do next and what I’ve already done, I pull out some sample core of soil from this yellow area compared to this green area. So these areas are about a foot apart.

If you notice, the green area is much darker has much more moisture in it. So keep an eye on that don’t just go out and pull the surface and if this pulls up easily, that doesn’t mean it’s grubs necessarily. So make sure you’re getting down nice and deep and trying to pull the root system.

If you have any questions, let us know. Otherwise, I hope you have a good day.



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