Dead grass next to driveway?

Hey guys, it’s time for your Sandy lawn care tip of the week. Do you have areas right up along concrete, maybe a sidewalk or a driveway that just don’t do well? Maybe you’re getting plenty of water to these areas. Let me tell you a really, really big cause. The most common cause of this is cars. They’re turning into the driveway. They go right over the edge of the grass. It’s not just because it kills the grass, but it actually compacts the soil super tough. So the roots can’t expand, the water has a hard time getting in. So keep your cars off here and maybe just get out here and do an aeration. Loosen up that soil. You will see a huge difference. That lawn will green up. Another thing may be you may have a sprinkler head right on the corner here, and maybe the car runs over and it kicks that sprinkler out of alignment. So check your soil, see how compact it is, how hard it is, and then also check your sprinklers to make sure they’re getting coverage. That was your Sandy lawn care tip of the week, if you’re having issues with other areas of your lawn dying then read this blog to learn next weeks tip of the week.