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Top Rated Cottonwood Heights Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control Services

When you need a reliable Cottonwood Heights lawn fertilization and weed control service, look no further than Holmes Lawn & Pest. Our years of experience in Utah will get rid of any weeds while providing effective fertilization that lasts longer than our competitors’ services. We guarantee it with a money-back customer satisfaction guarantee so there’s no risk involved when choosing us.

Holmes Cottonwood Heights Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control Comes Recommended by Your Neighbors

Trevor Brown
Trevor Brown
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I've had Holmes do my lawn fertilization for a few years now after having a poor experience with TruGreen. I have been very happy with their service and recommend them to anyone. This month's treatment, the application technician, Landon, was very helpful and informative as to how to make my lawn look better. I look forward to having him do my applications for the rest of the season.
Ashley Roberts
Ashley Roberts
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We’ve been using these guys for about 4 years now and they always show up when they are supposed to, great at fixing any problems, friendly, and great at offering advice. Also we have no weeds anymore. If a rogue one does pop up, they are happy to come spot spray for free.
Marcus Vireoli
Marcus Vireoli
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These guys are awesome and I fully recommend their services. They deliver on their promises and are super friendly too. My lawn got compliments all year long and while I would take the credit for it, it was all Joe and his amazing help. Dude is awesome too. Great Company. Highly recommended. The character of a good company is when it faces challenges and how it addresses customer issues. I’ve only had one problem in the years I’ve been with Holmes but Brittany, Landon, and Travis went above and beyond to make things right. If you’re looking for lawn services, look no further! Their product, customer service, and team members will have you coming back for years and years!

Our Specialized Lawn Fertilization Services for Cottonwood Heights, Utah

We are a locally owned and operated company that has been focused on improving our service for the last 12 years. Our goal is simple: provide you with top quality service while staying in touch at every step of your Cottonwood Heights lawn fertilization process, from planning to implementation! With liquid aeration included within each program as well as follow up calls after installation so we can make sure everything goes smoothly–you won’t find another supplier like us anywhere else!!

What’s Included with our Cottonwood Heights Lawn Fertilization Services?


Liquid aeration is the key to healthy, vibrant lawns. It not only loosens up soil for better development but also prevents any potential weed or pest problems by providing an organic barrier between them and your grass roots!


Billbugs can wreak havoc on your lawn, let our Cottonwood Heights lawn fertilization & pest control specialists help you keep them out.

Holmes Utah Lawn Fertilization

Fertilizer Types

With our customized Cottonwood Heights lawn fertilization plan, we make sure your lawn gets the nutrients it needs. We start by identifying when our treatments will be most effective and then apply them all throughout the season in 6 applications. So no matter what time or condition arises there’s always an option to improve grass growth on any type of terrain (rolling hills included). Customers are also able to review progress with us at every stage of the treatment program.


We  use a liquid fertilizer that ensures your lawn gets all the nutrients it needs to keep looking healthy and beautiful. This type of spray provides an even distribution, which helps maintain pH levels so you can enjoy lush green grass year-round!


The granular fertilizer is a slow release, time-honored solution for those who have older grasses with deeper roots.

Holmes Utah Lawn Fertilization and weed control process

Weed Control

No one likes weeds! That’s why we weed-control every visit so your perfect turf never has any.

Our specialists will discuss with you the types of possible weeds that may appear:  

  • Broadleaf weeds are single-wein leaves accompanied by flowers (ie. clovers, dandelions, and thistles). 
  • Grassy weeds are very common weeds in Cottonwood Heights, Utah and often look very similar to regular turfgrass (ie ryegrass and crabgrass)
    • These weeds grow taller and faster than turfgrass, so any isolated patch of tall grass can be an indicator of grassy weeds.
Holmes weed control methods

Different Types of Weed Control Offered


There’s nothing worse than coming home from work to find a small weed growing next door. With this method, you can keep your garden Weed Free without any visible weeds before they start growing! It works best in early spring when all of the flowers on our lawn and gardens are first blooming at their peak for that season – so don’t forget about using it then too!.


Get rid of weeds before they get worse. The goal with this solution is not just to get the visible ones but also those deep in your lawn- we’ll use a preemergent herbicide that’s safe for pets and humans, too!


Lawn care is not one size fits all! Our technicians will carefully assess your yard and identify which areas need treatment. If we have previously applied weed killer, then you can rest assured knowing that our team of experts will come out to spot treat any weeds that may have resurfaced over time with a powerful punch – without harming grass or other plants in the process

Don't Forget to Water

Lawns are an important part of the home’s exterior, providing many benefits. The right care will ensure your lawn goes on display for years! Ask us how we can make sure you have healthy grass all year round by providing Cottonwood Heights pest control services, perfect water levels, and fertilizer applications every week or two weeks as needed-with no more worrying about over watering!


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What services are you interested in?