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Why is Your Midvale Lawn Yellow?

Hey guys, I hope you’re doing well. I’m here at Midvale taking a look at a lawn to figure out what all of this yellow grass is from. Let me tell you a pretty good dead giveaway. I’ve searched this area. Let me turn this around. I’ve searched this area for grubs, I don’t see grubs. Now what I’m going to do next thing I do is I take a look at the soil. So I have a tool that pulls out cores of soil. This moisture goes down at least six inches in these nice green areas. And then in the dry areas, the yellow areas, the pull up. You can see it’s nice and flaky and dry. huge giveaway but the real name giveaway if you notice areas that have really dark green patches with dry areas around them. If there’s a sprinkler head located in that area, that’s a huge indicator that something’s wrong with the sprinklers, maybe you have a broken pipe. So water’s only coming out where the head is it’s not doesn’t have enough pressure to spray out. So look for these areas. If you need any help with your lawn or your sprinklers, let us know. We hope you enjoyed this quick read, if you’ve ever asked yourself “should I bag or mulch my grass?” then check out our blog to answer your question.



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