Strange yellow spots in the lawn?

Hey guys here is a lawn care tip for Draper. We’re just out looking around, walking around, checking yards, and we run across this really weird line of dead grass.Let me tell you what causes this so you don’t do it yourself. This line is from a garden hose. So if you leave a garden hose or something laying on the lawn for long enough, especially like a garden hose that might be black or dark green, it gets really hot and it will actually burn the grass. So if you do have a garden hose out and you’re watering the lawn, make sure you periodically move that thing around and when you’re done, remove it off of the lawn. Otherwise you’re going to get weird lines like this. It’ll recover. It’ll be just fine, but it does look quite odd.So keep these off of your lawn and move that garden hose around if you are using it.Give us a call if you have any more lawn care Draper questions.