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Outdoor Pest Control Services in South Jordan, Utah

Professional South Jordan Pest Control Services

At Holmes Lawn & Pest we strive to provide the best South Jordan pest control services available. Our team of professional exterminators have been dedicated to helping customers protect their property from bugs and other pests for years now with outstanding service that is guaranteed not just by us but also through reviews of our many other clients over the years.

Our South Jordan Outdoor Pest Control Training Includes

Even the largest pest problem can be solved with a little help from Holmes Lawn & Pest control services in the South Jordan area. You’ll feel confident knowing that professional equipment will keep any bugs away while also ensuring safe handling practices

You can rely on our team of experienced pest control experts to take care of any infestation. We use only licensed, professional equipment and treatments so you won’t have to worry about another pesky critter coming back again soon!

Training includes 

  • How to Identify the different types of pests in Utah
  • Which treatments are effective for which pests
  • Which strategies are most effective for different situations
  • Tested and proven safe protective barrier application methods
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The embarrassment and annoyance of pests invading your home is not something you have to just accept. We want every home in South Jordan to represent the wonderful community in which it resides. We will take the time to make sure you and your home are protected against pests, and we guarantee your satisfaction. Get started today by calling us for a free estimate at (801) 616-5296.

Common Pests In South Jordan

Lawn pests in South Jordan can be a pain to deal with, but our team is prepared for any type of pest that may come your way. We have professional technicians ready and waiting so you don’t need to worry about another infestation coming back any time soon! Some common types we see around here include:

  • what does a huntsman spider look like


    While many types of spiders you might see in your home are relatively harmless, there is a venomous species that can cause serious bodily harm. Black widows and brown recluses both have venomous bites that if not treated quickly can cause paralysis or even death!

  • Holmes Utah Hornets Pest Control


    When you see a nest of hornets on your property, it is important to contact an expert as soon as possible. Hornets have large stingers that can deliver multiple stings in rapid succession, causing painful welts that last for many days.

  • Holmes Wasp Pest Control


    Wasps are similar in appearance to hornets, but they typically have smaller bodies. Though their size may be reduced due the lack of energy needed for flight and other insect capabilities that come with it; wasps still pack a powerful stinger! These pesky creatures enjoy rummaging around garbage cans looking for sweet treats which can quickly ruin any backyard gathering or even just sitting down at home by yourself.

  • Holmes Utah Carpenter Ant Pest Control


    If you’re looking for an ant control solution, our team of South Jordan pest control specialists excel in removing all types of Utah’s pesky insects. The Three most common types of ants in Utah are Carpenter ants (most commonly found in homes), Harvester ants (have stingers and mandibles ready for attack if needed) and pavement ants, which enjoy making homes out on sidewalk gaps or driveway cracks.

  • Holmes Utah Boxelder Bug Pest Control

    Boxelder Bugs

    These bugs are common pests in Utah. Their bright orange color makes them hard to miss, and they often gather in large groups on the sunny side of houses. If they manage to get inside, these pesky critters will leave stains all over your furniture. These arthropods also destroy leaves from seed-bearing trees by chewing out holes that allow destructive fungal growths. So don’t wait until home & yard have been destroyed.

Maintain A Healthy Lawn

Our outdoor pest control technicians are experts in the field. We here at Holmes Lawm & Pest understand how important your home is to you. That’s why our technicians are trained and prepared to take on any infestion you may have.

Maintaining a healthy lawn starts with making sure that your roots grow strong with the right combination of pest control and prpoer nourishment. Our South Jordan lawn fertilization services tailor the best fertilization treatments for your lawn and garden. This ensures your lawn and garden grow healthier and stronger, fighting off both pests and weeds that can cause damage to your yard.

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Excellent, honest service! Mitchell was super friendly and quick and didn’t try to sell us on a service we didn’t need. Highly recommend it!

Kristi Oritt Google review of Holmes Lawn Care
- Kaly Quarles

Holmes is simply AWESOME! I own and operate properties all across the country! I wish Holmes was able to travel with me!!! Great team = great results! Holmes has a great team! I would recommend them to anyone!

R left a 5 star review on Google
- Robert Tomlinson

They are quick to respond and always polite! If I ever have questions, they take the time to answer them and make sure I understand. I have been using Holmes for 2 years and have been very happy with their work.

Holmes lawn and pest is a top rated lawn care and pest control company in Utah
- Debbie Sallee
an example of lawn taken care of by Holmes Lawn and Pest in Summit Utah
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Holmes Lawn & Pest

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Holmes Offer Removal of Mice and Other Rodents?

    Yes, we do!

  • Can I get Just Pest Control Sprayed on my Lawn?

    We do not spray our pest control on the lawn, however if you are experiencing issues with lawn grubs such as sod web worm we do offer pesticide but not as a standalone service since pesticide is something we actually include in our fertilization and weed control program.

  • How long should I stay off my lawn after a pest or fertilization application

    It’s recommended to stay off the lawn for at least an hour to give it time to dry.

  • Do you go inside inside the home for pest control?

    We do not, we offer a home barrier outside your home in order to help prevent bugs from entering into your home in the first place.

  • Does your pest control include roaches and bed bugs?

    Our pest control does not include Roaches or bed bugs.

  • What does your pest control cover?

    The main pests we target with our pest control includes spiders, ants, wasps, and hornets

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