Should you bag or much your grass?


So earlier this week, we talked about the importance of cutting your grass at the proper height at three to three and a half inches. I want to talk about now, whether you should be bagging your grass clippings or mulching them. What we prefer to do is to mulch there are tons of natural nutrients, you’ve got water, nitrogen and other things in the clippings themselves. So by mulching, you’re naturally feeding the grass, water, and nutrients. If your grass has way too long, and you’re going to leave clippings and clumps of grass everywhere, that is the time you’re going to want a bag. But otherwise, go ahead and mulch, you’re getting much more nutrients, natural nutrients into the lawn, you’re going to have to use less fertilizer, fewer chemicals, just a much better way to go all around. This is a new machine we’re setting up now specifically to mulch. So we’re separating each one of these blades. This machine has three blades, separates each blade so that it will chop the grass clippings up much finer, much smaller. So you won’t even notice and as I said, if you do this, your grass will love you for it. Otherwise, if it’s too long and you’re gonna leave clumps, just go ahead and bag it until it gets to the point. If you’re cutting the grass regularly every single week, you should definitely be able to mulch it most of the time, maybe a week or two here in the spring you might need to bag otherwise go ahead and mulch your lawn will love you for it. I hope that tip helps improve your Draper Lawn. Lawns can turn different colors depending on what alement may be affecting it, if your lawn is blue, read our blog to learn what may be turning your lawn blue.