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Complete Lawn care and Landscaping Services
Holmes Property Maintenance offers a wide variety of sprinkler repairs, lawn care, and landscaping services, each of them at affordable prices. Looking for something not covered by our offer? Then give us a call and tell us what you need and we will be more than happy to provide.
Taking care of your lawn is very similar to caring for a pet. If you feed it the right way, give plenty of water, attention, and love, the results are wonderful. The same applies to your lawn and landscape. If you know the steps and how to implement them, you’ll have a neat, green, thick, and strong lawn.

The magic begins with lawn fertilization. Most of our clients don’t know this, but the trick to growing a healthy and green lawn is to known when to begin the fertilization process. Our company has a five-step fertilization program, which begins in late February and ends at the beginning of December.

Weed control is also a vital step in lawn care. During the year-round fertilization process, our team will implement field-tested and time-honored weed control strategies, aimed at reducing the emergence of crabgrass and other types of weed that may ruin the aspect of your lawn and flower beds.

Aeration is another important step you must take to ensure that your lawn stays green. By perforating the ground at the right place and at the right time, we ensure that the lawn gets all the nutrients, oxygen, light, and sun warmth it needs.

Our highly-qualified landscape artists can’t wait to create a pleasant outdoor environment. Not only the landscape will add value to your property, but will also impress your clients and your competitors.

Holmes Property Maintenance wants to hear more about your plans. Our top-quality services cannot be matched by any of our competitors. We offer customized solutions for your needs and according to your budget.

If you want a free estimate, contact our company today. One of our commercial property managers will pay you a visit to assess your property and give you an estimate. This service is free of charge.

Whether you are looking for someone to mow your lawn or blow off the leaves from your yard, our company is more than happy to help you. Our team of high-trained professional is equipped with only the best equipment on the market.

So, sit back, relax, and enjoy your day while our crew takes care of everything for you from weekly or seasonal lawn mowing tasks to watering, overseeding and pests/weeds/diseases prevention strategies.

We also specialize in irrigation systems’ repair and maintenance. If you want your sprinklers fixed as fast as possible, then give us a call. Our team of technicians will come out as soon as possible. We can also design and build irrigation systems according to the client’s specifications and property watering needs.


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Fantastic and honest company

This is one fantastic and honest company. Where most companies seem to be very dollar oriented this company is all about quality which is something I really appreciate! They’ve helped me out with several problems within my property management portfolio and I can’t say enough good about their service.

Scott Cruze



Whether you are interested in weekly lawn mowing,
lawn fertilization and weed control, sprinkler repair,
or you are looking for complete landscape maintenance,
we are here to help you every step of the way. We take
great pride in our dedication towards offering top
quality lawn care services at affordable prices.

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