Salt Lake Lawn Care Tip of the Week

Hey, guys. I hope you’re doing well, it’s time for the Salt Lake lawn care tip of the week. Hey, let’s talk about sucker trees that are growing in your flower beds and around the yard. You probably get a bunch of these. They’re just small shoots of trees. Be very careful. Do not spray these with Roundup or something that’s going to kill everything because, most of the time, these are actually growing off of the existing roots of your much bigger trees. Be super, super careful. Don’t just go out here and spray everything, because if you keep doing it hard enough and long enough and you spray enough of this chemical, it could start affecting the health of your trees, especially if they’re smaller trees. Just be careful. I know it’s kind of a pain, but the best way to kind of handle this is just to keep cutting them down, keep cutting them down. That way, you don’t risk killing your trees. If you have any more Salt Lake lawn care questions, give us a call.