Need help with Hornets?


Hey guys, unfortunately it is pest season. It is now getting warmer and we are seeing a lot of active Hornets and wasps nest. You may see nests flying around or not. So you may see wasps or Hornets flying around your house, your patio your front door, and you don’t know exactly where they’re coming from. Let me show you where they’re coming from. They love up in corner so they flip the camera around. Zoom in up here, we right here at this house in bluffdale. We have an active hornet’s nest. So what Landon is doing is he is going around the entire house and we are just wiping. We’re knocking down these nests, making sure we get rid of them. And then we’re going back and spraying a really good perimeter around the entire house. Keeping these away. They are going to fly near their nest. So this is this whole area around here you’re gonna see Hornets and wasps. These things will get much bigger as we get warmer, you will see much more activity thats why its important to push insects out of their hidings spots before the small problem grows into a much larger one.