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Professional Lehi Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control Service

Finest Lehi Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control Services

Are you struggling to give your lawn the thick, green appearance you want? Have you been using other lawn fertilization companies in the Lehi area that promise results, but the effects of their work quickly fade away? At Holmes Lawn & Pest, we guarantee the most effective and long-lasting lawn fertilization and weed control service in Lehi. We have years of experience serving the area, and we know what it takes to give you a healthy and weed-free lawn that you will not get from any of our competitors!

What's Included

  • Liquid Aeration

    We know that a healthy lawn is the foundation of any good home. That’s why our fertilizers are specially formulated for deep and even distribution, so you can enjoy long-term success with minimal effort on your part!

  • Grub & Billbug Prevention

    Our Lehi, UT lawn fertilization services include grub & billbug prevention that will keep unwanted intruders in your lawn.

  • 7 Rounds of Lawn Fertilization and Weed Control Treatments

    To ensure your lawn is the healthiest it can be all year round, we will work with you to schedule 7 rounds of lawn fertilization and weed control treatments.

Tech Spraying Fertilizer

Fertilizer Types

We provide your soil with as many nutrients it can handle. We analyze the needs of each individual garden and develop a plan that’s tailored to you! Our treatments start out by identifying when they will be most effective, then apply them throughout all seasons in 6 steps—so no matter what time or condition arises we’ll always have an option for improving grass growth on any type of terrain (rolling hills included). And at every visit during this six-week program our team reviews progress along the way to ensure customer satisfaction.

  • Liquid Fertilization

    We use a liquid fertilizer that ensures your lawn gets all the nutrients it needs to keep looking healthy and beautiful. This type of spray provides an even distribution, which helps maintain pH levels so you can enjoy lush green grass year-round!

  • Granular Fertilization

    The granular fertilizer is a slow release, time-honored solution for those who have older grasses with deeper roots.


Lehi Weed Control

Weeds are the bane of lawns and gardens, as they take up important space that could be used for growing grass. That’s why we weed-control every visit to ensure your perfect turf never has any weeds!

To make sure you are always in the loop, our specialists will discuss with you the possible types of weeds that may be present: 

  • Broadleaf weeds are single-wein leaves accompanied by flowers (ie. clovers, dandelions, and thistles). 
  • Grassy weeds are very common weeds in Lehi, Utah and often look very similar to regular turfgrass (ie ryegrass and crabgrass)
    • These weeds grow taller and faster than turfgrass, so any isolated patch of tall grass can be an indicator of grassy weeds.

Different Types of Weed Control Offered in Lehi, Utah

  • Pre-Emergent

    Use this option to keep your garden weed free without having any visible weeds before they start growing. It’s a great method to use in early spring, when your lawn and gardens are in bloom for the first time that season!

  • Post-Emergent

    If you have visible weeds in your lawn, use this solution to get rid of them before they can continue growing. The goal of this solution is to get rid of the weeds that are already present in your lawn.

  • Spot Treatment

    Rather than treating the entire lawn, our technicians will review each specific area of ​​your yard that needs treatment. If we have previously applied weed killer and you notice weeds coming back we’ll come out to spot treat it!

Don't Forget to Water your Lawn

Lawns are not just a nice addition to the home, they provide many benefits. The right care will ensure your lawn goes on display for years! Ask us how we can make sure you have healthy grass all year round by providing perfect water levels and fertilizer applications every week or two weeks, as well as, no more worrying about pesky pests with our trained Lehi pest control specialists!

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Ever since we have used Holmes Lawn and Pest our lawn has looked great! They have been easy to work with and very professional. Grateful for their services.

J's google review of Holmes Lawn and Pest
- Jonathan Heinzen

They have been treating our lawn for the last couple of years and our grass is beautiful! We've received positive comments about it from people.

Amber Shaw 5 star review of Holmes Lawn Care
- Alana Talivakaola

Our lawn was in such bad shape and they came in and made it absolutely amazing! We haven't had any room to complain and everyone has been super helpful and friendly!

Kristi Oritt Google review of Holmes Lawn Care
- Kali Romrell

These guys are great! Joey did a terrific job in my yard! He was very professional and thorough, he answered all my questions and assured me if I needed anything else he would be there to help!

Trevor Brown holmes lawn care 5 star google review
- Taylor Price Designation

My lawn was great last year and had lots of compliments from friends and neighbors. Joey was very good at listening to my concerns and addressing them.

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- Rick Hickok Designation
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 7 Applications Seems Like a lot, Why so Many?

    It’s important to receive the proper nutrients consistently throughout the year. Each application also offers different products in it such as pre-emergent, liquid dethatch, and aeration to get the best results throughout the year.

  • How Often Will I Receive Fertilization Applications?

    Anywhere between 4-6 weeks

  • Should I Water my Lawn After Applications?

    If you want to see the best results watering your lawn within 24 hours of application will produce the best results.

  • How Long Should I Stay Off my Lawn After a Fertilization Application?

    It’s recommended to stay off the lawn for at least an hour to give it time to dry.

  • Can I Sign Up for Weed Control Without Lawn Fertilization?

    unfortunately no, We only offer our weed control services when paired with our lawn fertilization services.

  • What Weeds will Weed Control Take Care of?

    The weed control will take care of just about all weeds in your lawn, however some weeds can be rather resilient so we may need to come back out after a couple weeks and spray again to get rid of any remaining weeds.

  • How Long Does it Take to Get Rid of Weeds?

    It typically takes about 10-14 days for weeds to start withering and dying. It usually takes a little longer still before they are completely gone.

Our Specialized Lehi, Utah Lawn Fertilization & Weed Control Services

We know there are a lot of options when selecting the best lawn fertilization and weed control company in the Lehi, Utah area, but here’s why you should choose us. We are a 100% locally owned company that has been focused on improving our service for the last 12 years! Liquid aeration is included within your lawn fertilization program because we know how big an impact it can have. That’s why we will always keep you updated on what steps need to be taken to achieve your dream yard.

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