It is time to shut your sprinklers of in Draper


?It is time to shut your sprinklers off?
Make sure you shut off your sprinklers correctly to prevent your sprinklers from freezing.

Alright guys, it’s time to shut your sprinklers off for the winter. When you’re shutting this off, if you have a stopping voice to stop noises, this tube down in the ground, you have this key that looks like a long t that you stick that in the ground to shut the water off just to the sprinklers. Make sure you do this properly because if this valve is halfway opened or halfway close, it’s going to leak water probably into the system and definitely down into the ground.

So when you’re doing this, righty tighty, lefty loosey, so latch on, on just make sure you’re latched on and turn slowly. So slowly turn it to the right. Make sure it’s shut all the way. One way to make sure you can check as you’re gonna feel. I like to stick my ear upon the key, you’ll get the vibration because it’s metal on metal. You can hear the water running. If you hear that sound, it means it’s not shut all the way and you’re gonna have problems you’re gonna have water consistently leaking out into the yard, possibly in your sprinkler system all winter long. So make sure that gets all the way shut off so you don’t have major problems this winter or next spring. Once the new seasons comes in you will want to complete a thorough inspection of your sprinkler system and replace any damaged sprinkler heads. Thanks Have a good day.