How to water a lawn with Sandy Soil?


Alright guys, let’s talk about watering your lawn conserving water and checking your actual soil to make sure your lawn is getting enough water. Don’t shoot the messenger when I tell you this, but if you have sandy soil, do not water deeply and very little frequency. do the opposite. Don’t don’t use any more water or less water than is suggested, but cut the minutes down and the frequency way up. Because if you have pure sand we’re here in Sandy doing a fertilization treatment. You have sand it dries out super fast, it heats up super fast. And the point of watering deeply and heavy minutes is to get the water down deep with sand water just goes down deep. So cut your minutes in half and water twice as often you will have a much better looking lawn without using an extra drop of water. I hope this helps. We’d love to help you out with lawn fertilization or pest control. Let us know otherwise, hope you have a good day.