How to Optimize Sprinklers and make Lawn Greener


All right, guys, when adjusting your sprinklers, remember this: Not all zones need to be set for the exact same amount of time. You need to keep some factors in mind when setting your timer. This is a great tip to consider if you live in the Draper or Salt Lake areas.So, for instance, right here, the park strip is under a very massive set of trees, and then you’ve got the front yard here that is exposed to the sun. So, when setting the timer, the station that’s running in the park strip, you’re going to want to do way less water, because the soil is going to dry out much slower, because it’s in shade nearly all day. Compared to the rest of the yard, the time needs to come up, because it will dry out much faster.So, go ahead and make sure you’re keeping this in mind when setting your timer this year.