Herriman Lawn Fertilization Tip

Have you ever wondered why lawn care companies usually use liquid when they’re doing their fertilizer applications versus the granular the granular if you’re not aware, it’s the the bags, the pellets that you buy, it comes in the bag from the store. First of all, there’s a couple of reasons. We like to do liquid because first of all, this first application is a pre emergent, and that prevents new seeds from germinating and growing. So while we do liquid, it really helps us get a nice even application. So we get that nice barrier down for the pre emergent, but the really big reason is weed control. So here’s the lawn that we just started taking care of this as the first time we’re doing this application. As you can see, we are full of weeds down here. If you buy the bags, the pellets the granular The only way for the weed and feed to work is the pellet has to literally stick on to the foliage of this weed and stay there. So when we do liquid, you’re getting a nice application and they’re just getting soaked with the week. control. So you get way way better weed control. That’s why I kind of preach that weed and feed is just a waste of money when you’re buying it out of a bag. If you have any questions, go ahead and let us know we would love to help you out just like always. That was your Herriman Fertilizer Tip.

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