Draper Lawn Watering Tip of the Week

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Hey guys, I hope you’re doing well here is you Draper lawn watering tip of the week. Let’s talk about lawn watering tips, figuring out and diagnosing if you have a dry lawn or if it’s another issue may be a fungus or grubs, something chewing up your lawn. If you’ll notice here, we’re at a customer’s lawn, we’ve got yellowing spots of lawn, and you go over here and you’ve got really nice, thick, healthy green long. Throw on the same sprinkler zones. The sprinklers on it looks like you’re getting good coverage. But in all reality, there’s nothing wrong here except that this area is the full sun compared to this area that is shade. So while they might be getting the same amount of water, they don’t need the same amount of water, the shaded area needs much less. So rather than just cranking the timer up, flooding out these areas just to get water in here. You can go to your heads.

So let me flip this around and show you a lot of sprinklers. Especially these ones that rotate around. They’ve got a nozzle right here. If you’ll notice the nozzle has a little opening right there that Oh, that regulates the amount of water that comes out. So these areas that are in full sun, I would suggest removing that nozzle and changing it to a bigger hole. This is probably a three-gallon nozzle, I’d go to a six-gallon nozzle to double the output. You literally just take a little flathead screw, unscrew that, pop the nozzle out and you can take it to Home Depot or a sprinkler store and get a bigger nozzle. That way these areas here in full sun, you can deliver way more water without having to overwater the shade areas and cause any water damage to your lawn. I hope this tip helps. If you have any. Please let me know. Otherwise, have a good day.

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