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Draper Lawn Question of the Week

Hey guys, I hope you’re doing well. I’m here at a lawn in Sandy. And they have these strange little holes let me flip this camera around so you can see it. They have these strange holes. It’s not a tunnel because it’s just a little divot with dirt pulled up and grass pulled up. I am rarely seen this but let me tell you exactly what.

So first of all, there’s a telltale sign I’m walking on this ground, I can hear the moisture, it’s really saturated. I mean, it’s saturated to the point where they’re starting to get fungus going on in the lawn. What happens when you get so much moisture in the lawn so much water, you have earthworms, you have snails, other bugs, they can’t breathe because you have so much water in the ground, that they go up for air for oxygen and they get so shallow that there are birds can see all these and they are just literally landing on the grass and hitting their beaks and digging around for these earthworms.
forums and other things, and that are exactly what’s causing these. So you have these really weird spots in your lawn, these little small circles of dirt kind of pulled up some grass pulled up, check it, maybe you have birds doing this, check your water your soil, see if it’s really heavily saturated. If that’s the case, first of all, it’s not healthy for your lawn. If your soil has so much water in it, that you can’t get oxygen to your roots. You’re basically drowning out your soil, and you’re gonna start causing fungus.

So if you have this heavy water and those spots cut, you’re watering way back. If you guys have any questions, let me know otherwise, I hope you have a good day.



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