Cut down on watering days

Hey guys, now that we are seeing 100 degree days, we’re getting a lot of dry grass. Here’s one huge mistake I see people making time and time again. They are watering way too often. Some people are watering six or seven days a week and that is just a waste. It can cause some really bad damage and harm to your lawn by watering this much. Rather than water every day you want to cut that down and turn the minutes up so that you are soaking the soil heavily and deeply.If you’re watering every day for less minutes, the water does not go very deep and the roots of your grass, they are only going to go where they need to go to get the water. They follow the water, so you’re training your grass to be lazy. You’re training it to not go very deep. So watering less days and more deeply, more minutes, those roots are going to continue to go down and deeper. They’re going to be able to handle these hot temperatures much better. It’s just going to be a healthier lawn overall.Not to mention if you’re watering every single day, that is bad. Water, consistently wet and consistently hot, that is the main recipe for fungus. You do not want to deal with fungus in your lawn. It can be a nightmare. So get out there. If you haven’t made these adjustments go adjust your timer. Your lawn will thank you for it. If you have any questions about Riverton Lawn Care or sprinkler repair feel free to give us a call