Beware Water Damage

Hey, guys, we still are not done with monsoon rain season yet. Typically, on average around the middle of September is when monsoon season wraps up, so we still have a few weeks of possible heavy, heavy rainstorms. So go out in the yard. If you have these, these are actually drains. They go off of the downspouts from your roof and the roof line and the water drains out in the lawn, so make sure that these are clear. This home here, they’ve done a really good job. They’ve kept it clear, this little lid in the center, it actually pops up so you can see it pops up and that’s where the water comes out. That way it’s draining water right into the lawn, away from the home. If this is plugged up, it can back up the water up towards the foundation of your home, and it can do really big damage. So if you have these in the yard, just make sure to go out there and make sure they’re clear and the lids are popping up. This has been your Salt Lake lawn care tip of the week. 

If you own and use an Orbit sprinkler system on your lawn check out this quick tutorial on how to properly set your sprinkler systems timer,