Adding this one new thing to your lawn can help it’s water use


Hey guys, I hope you’re doing well. Let’s talk about moisture management today doing what we can to do our part and to conserve water. So here is a product we have used in the past, it was called hydretain. Basically what hydretain does is it absorbs moisture. It’s a granular it’s a pellet product, it’s going to absorb moisture. If you get these down in the roots of the lawn, it’s going to hold the moisture on the roots, it’s going to absorb moisture out of the atmosphere, and anytime you water it’s going to hold it deep down in the roots. So this can cut down your water significantly. If you’re using this product hydretain. What you need to do when you put this down the same day you put it down you need to water this in heavily, I would say at least a half an inch of water. That way you’re getting these pellets nice and deep down into the roots. Otherwise, if these pellets stick up on the blade of the grass, you’re going to get morning do and it’s just going to sit at the surface you need these things down in the soil down in the roots. That way you can conserve water. your lawn can stay nice and green this winter. I know we’re in a drought. So let’s do our part and saving water by turning off your sprinklers whenever possible but keeping you a green healthy lawn. If you guys have any questions, let us know